Hello Summer. Hello Home Renovations…

Most of us will be sticking close to home this upcoming long weekend which opens the opportunity to tackle a few indoor and outdoor home projects. We have spent a LOT of quality time in our humble abodes this past year and there’s no better time to focus on DIY projects moving into the summer months. Whether you’re looking to refresh a small space, indulge in a mini home makeover or invest in the value of your home – now is the time.

Improving Your Home Value

Increasing your home value starts here!

Ideas for improving the layout, functionality & future value of your home…

  • A fresh coat of paint in your primary rooms can open up a space making it feel larger, contemporary and clean
  • New crown molding will add character & a sense of sophistication to each room
  • Visually increase square footage by adding new built-ins (new desk) under the stairs or in an unused nook/corner of your home
  • Add new shelving to each closet in the home to allow for improved organization
  • Look at getting an inspection completed to identify any potential areas of improvement
  • Give your master bathroom a mini makeover – small upgrades equate to great return on your investment

Look at trendy and affordable alternatives for flooring including vinyl or laminate, but spend a little more on ceramic or porcelain countertops and backsplashes. Sleek, modern fixtures can make all the difference!

Finish the basement in your home to provide you with more livable square footage, making it more attractive when it comes time for resale. Look at adding a bar or entertainment area that can have dual uses.

Redefining Your Space With a Home Renovation

Extend Your Outdoor Living Area

More homeowners are making the most of their exterior space (patios/backyard). Building a backyard oasis does not have to be a big feat. Keep the gardening trends alive into 2021! 2020 was the year of the green thumb for many people retreating to their own backyards for solace and comfort.

Create a living plant wall with movable planters is a brilliant start for adding character and charisma to your outdoor space. Invest in new patio furniture and swing by your local greenhouse to pick up a fun assortment of goods.

Refresh & Revitalize

  • Install a new front door (bold colors are all the rage right now!)
  • Give your home a rinse – plan to power wash the exterior of the home to leave it glistening in the sunshine and looking clean. Give the driveway, sidewalks and walkways some love while you’re at it.

Add some character to your home!

You’ve been spending significant amounts of time in your humble abode. Leave your mark and truly make it your own by adding some personal flare.

  • Start with bringing in some new artwork (go big in a small space – check out your local galleries or scope something vintage from a second hand or thrift store for enhanced character & personality). There’s a story to every masterpiece!
  • Add new wallpaper pattern in your powder room or home office
  • Make the most of unused space! Add a bookshelf or wine storage under the stairs or under any unused nook around your home

Prepare for Success

  • Understand the full scope of project & key timelines
  • Do your research!!! Source multiple quotes to ensure competitive pricing of materials
  • Be realistic in your capabilities, do not be afraid to reach out for specialized expertise. While YouTube can be a helpful guide, there is no harm reaching out to a professional for small or big parts of your home renovation
  • Determine which jobs need to be outsourced once you’ve completed your research
  • Know your budget, include a contingency for unexpected discoveries (10-15% of total projected costs)
  • Financing your home renovation – Our team of mortgage experts can help you get closer to your dream home oasis with our Flex 2nd Mortgage offering. We can lend up to $200,000 with ultimate flexibility offering open-term financing

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