The experience of buying a home is exciting, terrifying, thrilling, stressful, daunting, special, exhilarating and all of the above! If you’re looking to buy your first-home, follow this guide to make the process as smooth as possible.

Get Pre-Approved For A First-Time Buyer Mortgage

It’s important to apply for a mortgage pre-approval early on in the process. Shopping for houses can be difficult when don’t know if your loan will be approved or not. If you are having difficulties getting approved by the bank, you might have better luck with a private mortgage lender.

Determine What You Can Afford For Mortgage Payments

Shopping for houses without a set budget in mind is like eating dinner at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Make sure your eyes aren’t bigger than your wallet; determine what you can afford in monthly payments and consider what you have saved for a down-payment and start from there.

Find the Best First-Time Buyer Mortgage

Finding the mortgage that’s right for you can be a process in and of itself. With a budget in mind, talk to a mortgage broker about your options. If the bank has denied your loan or you’re having trouble getting approved elsewhere, you may want to consider buying your mortgage through an alternative mortgage lender. You might find the process to be more flexible.

What to Do Post First-Time Buyer Mortgage Approval

With the finances taken care of, it’s time to start shopping! Consider the benefits of hiring a real estate agent to help you find your first home. Start house-hunting and remember to keep your emotions neutral. It’s never a good idea to make an emotional decision when buying a house.

Part of the house hunting process is looking for features that you’ll want in your future home. While keeping an out for certain features can help narrow down the options, keep in mind that a home renovation loan can help make any house the house of your dreams.

When it comes to purchasing a new house and considering a first-time buyer mortgage, trust certified mortgage brokers from a mortgage investment corporation for a simplified application process and keep these tips in mind as you continue through the process.

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