We arrived at the airport at the very unreasonable hour of 4am to make our 6am flight! Our group was so excited in anticipation of beginning our journey to El Salvador. The flights went off without a hitch and we arrived in El Salvador ahead of schedule, thank you United Airways.

Upon arrival we were welcomed to the country by the customs officers! Incredible! The Shelter Canada drivers greeted us outside the airport and took us to our motel, about 1 hour away from the airport. Our team leader arranged to take us to the local Pizza Hut for dinner. After dinner, we walked to the town centre where a festival of Lighting Christmas lights was taking place. It was incredible to see so many El Salvadorians together celebrating this tradition. We felt like celebrities as we walked around town and people waving and saying hola! (hello in Spanish). The Shelter Canada staff will work with us this week and also be our interpreters so we can communicate with the families we are building houses for. We were told many times this first day how grateful Shelter is to have us here. Your donation and support are doing a tremendous work already here in El Salvador.


– Sue McKitrick