With the help of the Shelter Canada translators, we virtually traveled to the community of Trinidad Galvez to officially welcome 6 families into their new homes. Although this Key Ceremony day feels different this time around as we could not be celebrating alongside our El Salvadorian friends, we are still tremendously grateful to be connected with these families and be part of affecting this change in their lives. 

Gonzales Mijango virtual key ceremony
Granado family virtual key ceremony

The Virtual Journey

Being able to participate in this virtual journey reminds us that we don’t need to be physically present to connect with others, to lend a hand and to offer hope.

Flore Martinez virtual key ceremony

Building a Safe Home

Each piece of sheet metal, the nails that hold it together, and the concrete pad that holds it up, represents new beginnings for all the families. 

The Key to a Home

Herrera Granado Key ceremony

Being able to witness all of these virtually but still having the same emotions as if we were there physically, puts things into perspective. All we need is the heart and compassion to be able to make a difference. 

To meet the families and follow Alta West Capital’s journey, click here.

Shelter Canada is a non-profit organization with the goal of creating positive, sustainable change in the lives of people in all the poorest communities of El Salvador. For more information on Shelter Canada, please visit here