In April 2018, our Fearless Leader and CEO, Chuck McKitrick, experienced one of the most important events in his life when he traveled to El Salvador with Shelter Canada to help build houses for those in need.

El Salvador is an extremely poor country, ravaged decades ago by civil war and many natural disasters. It ranked as the 35th poorest country in the world based on Focus Economics’ listing, with a GDP per-capita in 2017 of only $3,895. Canada, in comparison, had a GDP per capita of $45,081 in the same year.

Shelter Canada’s mission is to help create positive, sustainable change in the lives of the people of El Salvador by working with some of the poorest communities to build safe housing. With the aid of teams of volunteers working in tandem with local leaders, over 500 homes are built every year.

These homes provide safety: a shelter that can better endure Mother Nature and provide the security of a locked door and window; security that most of us in Canada take for granted.

Chuck has inspired a group of Alta West employees and investors to come with him to El Salvador on November 23 – December 1, 2019, with a second trip planned for the Spring of 2020. Our goal is to build a minimum of 30 houses at an approximate cost of $3,500 each.

We realize this email does not have the passion of a conversation with Chuck as he explains his experience, but here are two links available that you may find both interesting and inspiring; click on each of the headers to redirect you to the videos:  Shelter Canada – El Salvador and Shelter Canada – Pimpa’s Story

If you are interested in coming along, or would like to donate, click here.