Today was another blue sky day, at least 30 degrees Celsius and VERY humid.  Our very extroverted team has danced, sang, laughed, cried and even built homes with these wonderful and proud people.  We have built four homes in two days, and have three more to go in the next two days.  I watch in wonder as AWC staff and investors joyfully bond with the Salvadorians.

The two homes today were built for two very deserving but different families.  The first was for Luz, a 60 year old widowed lady that had 7 children—2 Of which still lived at home—and two grandchildren with her as well.  She made tortillas in a larger center twenty minutes away.  She was a very strong, proud lady.  Our team felt a strong connection with her as she reminded us of our own mothers and grandmothers.

The second was for a young man, his wife and daughter.  Wilmer was a dynamo on the worksite, flying around with an incredible pride of ownership.  He lived in a mud brick home that had been destroyed in an earthquake some time ago, and was currently living in a similar one close to this site.  Earthen floors, mud walls and a decrepit sheet metal ceiling…how could anyone live there?

It’s hard to imagine that this ‘lamina’ that they call these homes (the laminated steel structure) could be so empowering, until you see where they came from.  The Shelter Canada home offers security, health, comfort, protection from the elements, pride of home ownership, as well as many other variables I’m sure I’ve missed.  The whole community is so excited to be a part of this that they literally take your tool out of your hand so that they can help build their brother’s house!

Thank you for your support.  This has been a gift to be able to come here and we are humbled to be the benefactors to others in such a small but impactful way.  You, in turn, have allowed us this privilege, and we are forever in your debt.


Charles McKitrick

CEO, Alta West Capital