Dear Investor:

We received an amazing outpour of support and donations from many of you for our El Salvador project, scheduled for November, 2019. We want to extend our deepest thanks to everyone who has contributed so far; we are grateful and humbled by the generosity. Your contributions to date of $45,475 will build 13 homes– we are well on our way to our goal of 60! Thank you for being involved with this meaningful project and for sharing it with others.

Many of you have expressed interest in joining our team and coming to El Salvador with us. We are excited to have you and we still have room for others to join too!  If you or someone you know are interested, please email Sue McKitrick at for more information.

Alta West Capital has committed to sending two teams to  El Salvador with Shelter Canada.  Shelter Canada has been building homes in El Salvador for over 16 years. Our first trip will be from November 23 – December 1, 2019, and the second will be in late April 2020 (exact dates TBD). At a cost of $3,500.00 per home, our goal is to raise a total of $210,000.00 to build 30 homes on each trip.

All donations are tax deductible, and will go directly towards building the homes–not to administration or travel.  

If you would like to donate, please go to Shelter Canada donation page and choose “Shelter – Alta West Capital” from the drop down menu.

This is an exciting venture, and so many people have been encouraging us that it has only spurred us on even more! We will have a section on our website, where you can view updates on how much has been raised, who has donated and the team that is going. We will also have information on the website about how to get involved.

Thank you for coming alongside us!

Alta West Capital El Salvador team