It is the third day of building and so far we have 18 homes built! Today was hot, sweaty, stinky and so wonderfully fulfilling. 


I came to El Salvador with trepidation, wondering what skills I could offer. After 45 years of desk jobs, I was doubtful what I could contribute, so I asked my husband to join me. I knew he would make up for my inabilities.


After three days, I can proudly claim I have mastered some skills, but more importantly I have learned others:

1) Humility
2) Compassion
3) Cooperation with our team, the Shelter Canada team, and the El Salvadorian community who are by our sides showing us how hard they work 
4) Pride to be part of such a worthwhile project 
5) Friendship – sharing hugs and stories with our New El Salvadorian friends.

There has been so much emotion, it is hard to explain – lots of laughter, and some tears. This is a beautiful country full of beautiful people. We are so grateful to be here.



Kevin & Diane 



We met Daniel (pictured left) on one of our work sites – he lived across the street, and joined us as we were working. He was a bright boy, his eyes were filled with happiness and he laughed and taught us songs and games.

It was only until after that we had discovered that Daniel was left an orphan after his mother passed away a few years back. He taught us that despite the most devastating of circumstances, that our hearts are still capable to find hope.