Tune into our new podcast series, The Modern Alternative, which will focus on opportunities to navigate through the mortgage and investment industry in 2022, while exploring unique challenges and presenting various approaches for new and tenured industry professionals.

Episode 9 – Closing Deals Virtually – How to Close Quickly & Efficiently

Exploring the seismic shift in home-buying technology, Deeded is revolutionizing how mortgages are being purchased – streamlining a process that used to be taxing and expensive. Deeded has transformed an often stressful process into a streamlined experience without sacrificing quality or financial security – all thanks to its powerful virtual platform and visionary CEO Reuven Gorsht. Discover how it works and what wonders it can bring about for today's mortgage industry!

Episode 7 – Building Hope and creating positive, sustainable change in El Salvador

Today we bring you a conversation with one of AWC’s long-time partners. We share a vision for helping people into homes. Following the pandemic, Shelter's work has been needed more than ever. The year 2022 has seen the non-profit organization gain momentum as the team continues its vital mission to get the most vulnerable El Salvadorians into homes. 

Shelter Canada's CEO, Stuart McAllister,  unveils his unique journey with the organization and his grand vision for the future of El Salvador. 

Episode 8 – The Rules of Credit and How to Fix Your Credit Report

We are taking an in-depth look at credit and uncovering the inside secrets to get you back to the best rates and terms. Our guest is a former broker of 7 years and is now an acclaimed credit expert and author of The Credit Game, helping thousands of Canadians understand and fix their credit. Today we welcome, Richard Moxley!

Episode 6 – Part 2: Why Appraisals Matter in Alternative Lending

Today we are joined by Claudio Polito, Principal Owner, Managing Partner of Cross-Town Appraisal Ltd, and President-elect of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. Claudio highlights historical data and shares his thoughts on what is coming in 2023/24. Immerse yourself in a great conversation and insight from industry professionals who have seen numerous highs and lows in the mortgage industry.

Episode 5 – Part 1: Why Appraisals Matter in Alternative Lending

In this episode we dive into the world of appraisals, discuss success secrets, and uncover the current  market impact with our guest Claudio Polito, Principal Owner, Managing Partner of Cross-Town Appraisal Ltd, and President-elect of the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

Episode 4 – Insurance Solutions and Risk Management

Our next guest is a leading insurance professional and licensed broker with nearly 17 years of industry experience. He has an honors degree in commerce and has presented to thousands of professionals in various industries on risk management. In this episode, we feature CEO & President Derrick Leue of PROLINK. 

George Botros
Chief Executive Officer

George Botros was appointed as CEO of Alta West Capital in April 2021. Prior to his role as CEO, George served as Alta West Capital’s CFO and CCO from 2014 to 2021. He has over 20 years in the lending business, participating in residential, commercial, mezzanine, and interim financing related activities.


George is also a Director of the funds Alta West administers. Prior to joining Alta West Capital, he managed Toro Financial Corporation which amalgamated with AWM Diversified MIC, an entity managed by AWC, in 2014. George was also a University Professor teaching Finance and Economics for University of Lethbridge.


George holds a Bachelor of Economics and an MBA.