At Alta West Capital (AWC), we are committed to excellence and understand that it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Central to our company’s vision is our dedication to this principle. Whether it is our open-door approach, personalized customer service, or our commitment to giving back to those in need, we continually strive to make a meaningful difference.

Here are a few of the focal points that underscore our unwavering commitment to our vision:

  1. Personalized Services as a Cornerstone. Despite our growth since our inception in 1991, we’ve maintained steadfast in prioritizing personalized service. Whether you are a borrower, broker or investor, our door is always open.
  2. Accessible Support. Questions or assistance needed? Reach out to us by phone or email at any time, as we aim to respond the same day during regular business hours.
  3. Simplifying Your Experience. We recognize that investing is a significant decision. We consistently go above and beyond to accommodate your needs, ensuring your investment journey with us is not only seamless but also remarkably positive.
  4. Enriching Communities. Philanthropy holds a special place in our hearts. We’re deeply involved with organizations like Shelter Canada and Victory Outreach, reflecting our commitment to giving back.

Empowering Borrowers. We take pride in assisting our borrowers. We have mortgage services for every stage of life. Whether it’s to buy a new home or to refinance their existing mortgage, if you are new to Canada, self-employed, or have past credit problems, we love being part of the solution.

Learn more about our First Place MIC and AWC Diversified MIC


Our team recognizes the importance of your investment capital because we see how good investments can change lives every day. We witness firsthand how investments can shape lives for the better – from new families embarking on fresh beginnings to newcomers seeking improved opportunities, busy professionals seeking third-party managers to handle their investments, and individuals planning for a brighter tomorrow. These are values that resonate
deeply within AWC.

Let us know how we can elevate your investment experience.