Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs) offer a distinct avenue for investors seeking alternative fixed-income opportunities. This involves direct investment in a private mortgage fund established to maintain a pool of mortgages. Firms that distribute these types of instruments must be securities registered and must comply with applicable compliance and registration obligations1. We take these requirements seriously, which involve disclosure of conflicts of interest, suitability obligations, educational proficiencies, having effective controls, and policies in place.

Alta West Capital is an established alternative lender in residential mortgage portfolio management.

With over three decades of experience, we know how to manage risk. We have navigated through diverse market cycles including various economic and housing market downturns.

Alta West Capital provides investors with indirect access to the residential real estate market through MIC investments in our professionally managed residential mortgage portfolios.

  1.  Risk Management is key to Alta West Capital. We believe you can create shareholder value within a framework of meeting regulatory and lending guidelines. We continuously attempt to identify and control risk, internal and external.
  2. Each fund’s strategy is to remain competitive amongst residential mortgage lenders. Our goal is to offer reasonable lending rates to qualified borrowers, and in turn, aim to preserve investor capital and provide consistent monthly returns.

Before making an investment in a mortgage fund, it is important to take a multi-dimensional approach, analyzing the risk and reward of the fund. For example, a mortgage fund must be well-diversified to mitigate credit risk. The MICs managed by AWC are focused on residential properties that are diversified across 3 provinces (BC, AB, and ON). These portfolios encompass 1,000+ loans, with a particular emphasis on smaller loan sizes to diversify risk in the portfolio. There are many factors to consider when investing in a MIC such as the composition and size of the portfolio as this may be a good indicator of the risk this investor is assuming.

We offer two mortgage funds, targeting stable returns, to meet risk/return objectives for each investor: Diversified MIC and First Place MIC.

Please refer to the full disclaimer for a description of Alta West Capital’s category and jurisdictions of registration.

For a deeper dive into Alta West Capital’s investment offerings, our friendly Investor Relations team will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Consider Alta West Capital for your investment needs.