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Diversify your portfolio with alternative fixed income investment solutions. Our funds have not experienced any negative returns since inception of the MIC’s.


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Why invest with Alta West Capital?

Our main objectives are to preserve shareholder capital and to consistently provide monthly returns to our investors.


We endeavour to meet these objectives by holding a diversified mortgage portfolio, lending primarily on residential properties, prudent underwriting guidelines, and diligent loan servicing. To date, the MIC portfolios have not experienced a negative return since inception. 


Alta West Capital has provided our investors with unique investment opportunities since 1991, by making personalized service a priority. Whether you are saving for your retirement, looking for a short-term investment with a fixed end date, or are looking to diversify your portfolio with an alternative fixed income product, Alta West Capital may have the investment opportunity for you.


The quality of our processes contributes to the quality of your investment. Our dedicated team recognizes the importance of your investment capital because we see its direct impact everyday. 


Alta West Capital currently offers investing opportunities in two Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs): First Place MIC and AWM Diversified MIC. Alta West Capital also offers a debenture product called the AWC Strategic Income Fund Ltd. 

What is a MIC?

A Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) is an investment fund that pools capital from investors to lend to borrowers, with a mortgage as security. By investing in a pool of mortgages investors can diversify their risk and earn monthly income.

MICs are flow-through investment vehicles that distribute 100% of the net income to the shareholders.  All MIC investments must be in Canadian mortgages.

Our experience

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Alta West Capital provides unique investment opportunities.

The Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs) are registered plan eligible. Registered plans have tax advantages and the ability to compound interest to maximize the potential earning power of your investment. Learn more about the alternative investment opportunities with Alta West Capital.

Why invest through your RRSP?

By investing in an RRSP, you will benefit from immediate tax relief by deducting your RRSP contributions from your income each year. The income you earn in your RRSP is not taxable if it remains in the plan.

Why invest through your TFSA?

A TFSA allows you to set money aside in eligible investments and monitor those savings grow tax-free throughout your lifetime. Interest and dividends earned in a TFSA are tax-free and your TFSA savings can be withdrawn from your account at any time.

Why invest through your RESP?

A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is an investment vehicle available which allows parents in Canada the opportunity to save for their children’s post-secondary education. The principal advantages of RESPs are the access they provide to the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) and serve as a method of generating tax-deferred income.

Frequently asked questions.

Speak to one of our representatives to see if investing in a MIC is right for you. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the required documentation and ensure that you meet eligibility requirements.

Yes, Pursuant to a policy adopted by management of the Corporation, a Shareholder’s Shares maybe redeemed by the Corporation on a monthly basis at the request of a Shareholder, however the Corporation reserves the right to redeem Shares on a quarterly or less frequent basis in accordance with the ABCA and the Corporation’s Articles of Incorporation.

Yes. Talk to your dealing representative on how this will work for you.

We currently accept investors from Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario

There is a minimum investment amount of $10,000 in all of our investment products. While there is no maximum investment, the amount you may invest will be dependent on eligibility requirements.

Yes, cash accounts are eligible for companies and personal investments. Both are subject to suitability requirement.

At the end of the year, you will receive a T5 stating your interest income.


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George Botros
Chief Executive Officer

George Botros was appointed as CEO of Alta West Capital in April 2021. Prior to his role as CEO, George served as Alta West Capital’s CFO and CCO from 2014 to 2021. He has over 20 years in the lending business, participating in residential, commercial, mezzanine, and interim financing related activities.


George is also a Director of the funds Alta West administers. Prior to joining Alta West Capital, he managed Toro Financial Corporation which amalgamated with AWM Diversified MIC, an entity managed by AWC, in 2014. George was also a University Professor teaching Finance and Economics for University of Lethbridge.


George holds a Bachelor of Economics and an MBA.