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Welcome to our Investment World

Alta West Capital is a privately owned company operating in Alberta since 1991. Our firm places investor's funds in loans by real estate located in Canada. We have a history of providing stable, predictable returns to investors through our investment funds. Alta West Capital also provides opportunity for private investors to participate in our syndicated mortgages.
Our Investment Opportunities include:
  • First Place Mortgage Investment Corporation (RRSP eligible)
  • AWM Balanced Mortgage Investment Corporation (RRSP eligible)
  • AWM Diversified Mortgage Investment Corporation (RRSP eligible)
  • Syndicated Mortgages

All Secured Loans that are financed through our funds undergo an extensive underwriting process which typically includes:

  • credit bureau and past payment performance investigation
  • income analysis to determine ability to service the loan
  • detailed property appraisal and inspection
  • clear understanding of the purpose of the loan and how it will be paid out


Mortgage loans are typically one year in term which permits Alta West Capital's underwriters to evaluate the performance of the client prior to committing longer than one year. Whether you are interested in a low risk, stable and predictable investment or a more aggressive investment with a higher return, Alta West Capital can help.


Alta West Capital is registered as an exempt market dealer, investment fund manager, restricted portfolio manager and mortgage brokerage.