Solving Problems Like Alexander the Great

Welcome to the new year! However well 2018 treated you, I hope 2019 treats you even better.
Mind you, it is our responsibility to make sure the year treats us well. Take matters into your own hands and grasp the reigns of destiny! The motto for those examining life this year shall be:


With that in mind, let us see what we can learn from Alexander.

In the year 333 BCE, Alexander and his army were preparing to expand their empire beyond Greece; their sights were set on the biggest empire the western world had ever known at that point:Persia. 

As Alexander and his army were expanding across Greece, they came to the ancient land ofPhrygia, known to the Greeks as the fabled kingdom of the cursed king Midas, the man who turned everything he touched into gold.

In the city’s capital, Gordium, Alexander learned about a legendary relic known as the Gordian Knot. The legend of the knot was written by an ancient oracle who had foretold that anyone who was able to loosen this knot would become lord of all Asia. This was a challenge which Alexander found impossible to refuse.

He had his attendants lead him to the location of the knot. As he walked through the city, a massive crowd of Macedonians as well as Phrygians began to form around him, curious to see what the young king was capable of.

As he looked upon the knot, Alexander saw an impossibly complex interweaving of aged rope and cornel-bark attached to the yoke of an old wagon.

He stared down at the perplexing, plaited puzzle, a riddle which so many before him had attempted and failed. But he knew that he was nothing like those who came before him. He was Megalexandros 2! In one swift motion, he drew out his sword and brought it down with all his might upon the knot, slicing it cleanly in two.

The crowd was quiet, shocked into silence.

Then they cheered. Alexander had claimed destiny for himself, right in front of their eyes.

One year later, Alexander would begin his conquest of Asia, eventually defeating the Persian empire, and expanding his as far east as India!

What problems seem to be impossible to you? What issues do you face that may require the slashing of a sword rather than an untying of a knot? Most importantly, what things trouble you that seem to be completely out of your control or capability to deal with? In this new year, let us learn to not be like the men who came before Alexander–giving up after they could not untie the impossible knot. We shall draw out swords and cut those knots in half!

Carpe Fatum, my friends.


The Golden Scribe

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”  -Socrates

1   Seize Fate!
2   His Greek name, Translating to “The Great Alexander”

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